dimanche 8 novembre 2009

A making of for "Pluggin".

Voici ma contribution à "Pluggin", le court métrage de 3ème année des Gobelins que j'ai réalisé en compagnie de mes camarades. Vous pouvez voir le film à l'adresse ci-dessous:

Find below my contribution for "Pluggin", the short of the third year in Gobelins school I realized with some classmates. This is the link to watch the movie:


samedi 7 novembre 2009

Voilà, voilà...

Here we are...

Well... there it is! It was a while that I did not posted.

I know, it's a little bit a rag-bag, but it represents quite well the different ways that interest me, such as character design and storyboard (I would post a new one a little bit more "cartoon" soon).

The drawings representing various characters more or less cartoon (children and teachers with scarf, old ladies, dogs, cats, steam engines) should be initially some researches for a comics named "The life of Malek Starow" I wanted to do. This project canceled, but it leaves me a series of boards. I tested - with more or less success - a maximum of different techniques such as pens, watercolor, photoshop coloring, marker pen and even drawing on post-it. This changing allows to keep the motivation.

Otherwise, I try to change the topics as much as possible.

Next drawings will contain probably more researches on environment, which lack a little bit in this series.

I hope that this will stimulate interest and I look forward to reading your comments.

P'ti chat.

Lost childrens

Persos en vrac.

visite au musée (1)

visite au musée (2)

P.Fisher (1).

P.Fisher (2).

visite au musée (3)


Persos en vrac.

Rough and clean.

Des potes et un chien.

Le solitaire.

Machine à vapeur (1).

Machine à vapeur (2).

Machine à vapeur (3).

Dog en vrac.

Le meilleur ami de l'homme.

Un peu tout le monde.

Mr le professeur.

p'tit tête rouge.

p'tit tête rouge (bis)

Lost childrens.

Test sur robe.


Malek Starow.

vieux fumeur.

Vielles dames en vrac

Petits et grands

recherches design

Un peu de rough.

Recherche de cadrages.

Ours pas sympathique.



ah le pirate!!!

Chien agité.

Le presque "carlin"


Des toutous.

Des toutous(bis).

D'la fille en boite.

Vieux reflexe d'anim...

D'la meuf !

D'la meuf (bis).


il est mignon,hein?

Du chien en boîte.

Du post-it.