mardi 14 juin 2011

Chef !!!!

I had lot of fun to draw those characters. At base I proposed those idea for a short but with my friend we have decided to choose another one. C'est la vie... I want to notice that I used photoshop only for the color not for the drawings (I used my good old pencil...)

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L Rossi a dit…

Really awesome designs and expressions - I could have easily seen this animated! But good luck for your other short idea!

Rony HOTIN a dit…

Holala mais c'est un post digne d'un boss final ce que tu nous plantes là!!! Le perso est trop bien!
C'était cool de te revoir sur Annecy
et merci pour tes passages furtifs!
Holala! mais quel post..j'en saigne du nez

"TORI CAT" a dit…

What a fantastic blog!!
I just stumbled across your site and im so glad i did!!
I could sit here for hours!!
Really strong designs and sooo much character!
Im a big fan!
I'm going to add you to my list of inspiring talents on my blog, so i'll make sure to come back again soon!
Good luck and all the best with your future work,
Best wishes,
Tori Cat

Nima a dit…

L rossi: Thanks for stopping by!!!

Rony: Merci beaucoup! moi aussi ça m'a fait plaisir de te voir à Annecy. A plus!!!

Tori Cat: Thanks so much for your comment!! I really appreciate.
Good luck to you too!!!

Antonin Herveet a dit…

oh yeah !!

Maël Gourmelen a dit…


Josh 'Hat' Lieberman a dit…

thanks so much for the comment. Your stuff is so freakin awesome. Really really great work here.

Gillibean a dit…

Beautiful designs! I love how you have rendered them in PS, and good for you using...what was it? A pencil?? I don't know what that is. Haha! It's so well thought out and laid out. Is that a good habit they taught you at gobelins?

Vincent Mahé a dit…

ça... defonce.
Bwavo Bwavo. Je te maintiens dans mes liens pour la peine :D

Unknown a dit…

c'est vraiment cool mister Iran-man.

fredo a dit…

Trop bien !

Sean McCormack a dit…

J'adore la fueille d'expressions. Super bien défini! Dommage que ça n'as pas été pris, mais en tout cas ton travail est superbe!